Vintage Tablescape

A Vintage Tablescape for Christmas


Vintage Tablescape with Johnson Brothers Friendly Village DinnerwareSetting a Vintage Tablescape for a Christmas dinner can conjure up as many different images in one’s mind as there are people dreaming about them.

Often people will think of a white shabby chic style while others will think 1950’s retro.

Some people might think of British antique while others will be thinking of Scottish tartan plaids. And some will think of American pioneer settlers with  a rustic, primitive prairie decor.

To some, vintage may bring to mind the minimalist designs of Scandinavian countries such as Denmark or Sweden along with the heavily embroidered Christmas tablecloths and traditional dress while others may think of a German Tannenbaum with handcrafted blown glass ornaments and cut glass crystal stemware.

These are just a few vintage tablescape ideas from probably thousands! Every country and every nationality will have their own thoughts of what a vintage Christmas table setting should be.

One thing for sure that is a common thread regardless of the Christmas vintage tablescape style you choose to go with is the fine china dinnerware. The vintage china should match the time period you have chosen or at least be a classic quality reproduction which will take you back in time the minute you see it.

I will be featuring several gorgeous vintage style Christmas tablescape ideas which I found on other creative blogs and give you new ideas to recreate these tablescapes. Creative ideas for decorating vintage and traditional Christmas tablescapes.

I hope you will find the vintage ideas I have found useful as the inspiration you need to create your own gorgeous tablescape.

Keep in mind there are only three really important things to remember when searching for the right Christmas Vintage Tablescape idea….

Keep Calm, Have Fun and Keep It Frosty!

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