A Simple Christmas Tablescape on a Low Budget

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Photo by Diane from InMyOwnStyle.com

A Simple Christmas
Tablescape Idea
On a Low Budget

Often, creating a simple Christmas tablescape is the better choice for an intimate dinner for two or four people. A tablescape doesn’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful. When dining on smaller tables (and smaller budgets) we have less room and our utmost concern should be for the comfort of our guest.

We do not want our dinner table to be cluttered making it difficult for our guest to have room to move. If the table is very small, setting up a sideboard for the serving dishes full of food may be the ideal solution.

This will eliminate the need to have the food on the table taking up precious space. Give your guest a bit of breathing space and elbow room so they can enjoy their meal and time spent with you, their gracious hostess or host.

Regardless of the size of the table, there are a few basic elements that I call table essentials. Other than the dishes and utensils, the tablescape must include a centerpiece, table linens and lighting, preferably candle light for an evening dinner. No matter how small or simple a tablescape may be, these 3 elements are essential.

Looking at the photo on the above right, Diane from In My Own Style did a fabulous job with this simple place setting by incorporating the candle light into the minimalist centerpiece. She cut out large paper snowflakes to use as the placemats under inexpensive clear glass plates.

This goes to show that no matter how small your budget may be, you can still create a lovely holiday tablescape.

Clear Glass S-Shape Tea Light Candle Holder Centerpiece
Set Of 2 Candle Holders

Clear Glass S-Shape Centerpiece Tea Light Candle Holder Set by SUN-EClear Glass S-Shape Tea Light Candle Holder Centerpiece
Set Of 2 Candle Holders
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Just one of these tea light centerpiece candle sets will make a perfect simple setting for a small intimate tablescape. Since you get two, put one on the center of the dining table and one on the mantle. Place the tea light centerpiece on a wide width ribbon, instead of a tablerunner, or on a decorative placemat.

The s-shaped pieces are clear glass so they can be filled with any floral cutting, at any time of the year. Fill them with a sprig of bittersweet for an autumn setting. Then replace the bittersweet with an evergreen twig or a sprig of Christmas berry for Christmas. Change it every season with a fresh cutting from your own yard. How is that for decorating on a budget? Free from the yard every season works for me!

If you already have a beautiful set of stemware, all the better, but if you don’t and can’t afford to buy a pretty set, there is always the Dollar Store. Pick up two wine glasses for 2 bucks and bedazzle them yourself with a glue gun, beads, stick-on rhinestones, or silver and gold glitter. If using stick-on rhinestones and you won’t even need a glue gun!

Here are a couple of DIY videos to give you a few ideas on how to decorate your Christmas wine glasses yourself. You could make a few pairs to give to your friends as Christmas gifts.

Decorative Rhinestones Wine Glass Tutorial


Clear Self Adhesive Round Rhinestone Stick on Gem Strips

Clear Self Adhesive Round Rhinestone Stick on Gem StripsClear Self Adhesive Round Rhinestone Stick on Gem StripsClick Here for Details

Creating a Beaded Painted Wine Glass Video

I would use pearl beads for this project.

Ivory and White Assorted Size Craft Pearls

Ivory and White Assorted Size Craft PearlsIvory and White Assorted Size Craft PearlsClick Here for Details


DIY Glitter Wine Glasses Tutorial


You Will Need
Mod Podge Waterbase Glue and Gloss Finish Sealer

Mod Podge Waterbase Glue and Gloss Finish Sealer - 16oz.Mod Podge Waterbase Glue and Gloss Finish SealerClick Here for Details

Silver or Gold Glitter

Silver GlitterSilver GlitterClick Here for DetailsGold GlitterGold GlitterClick Here for Details


How To Make your own Sparkling Wine Glasses Tutorial

There you have it. A simple tablescape on a tight budget.
Keep in mind there are only three really important things to remember when searching for the right Christmas Tablescape idea….

Stay Calm, Have Fun and Keep It Frosty!
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