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A Gold Tablescape is a regal, opulent way to decorate the dining table for a Christmas or New Year celebration.

A gold tablescape for Christmas entertaining is a fabulous choice for holiday décor, as nothing speaks regal elegance like gold. Gold is a versatile precious metal and it can be paired with any other metal, or color palate for that matter, to create a gorgeous table display. Silver and copper look exquisite when paired together, especially when gold is added into the mix. Don’t be afraid to mix the precious metals you already have on hand.

In fact, just about any color of the rainbow will take a step up in rich abundance when accented with gold tones. Mix the gold with a variety of precious metals to add depth, dimension, and opulence to the display you are creating. Purple, red, green, and blue colors all look richer, demanding reverence when paired with gold.

If gold is your favorite flavor of color this Christmas holiday season, creating a gold tablescape will be one of the easiest things for you to accomplish during the mad Christmas rush. You have already done the hardest part by deciding on the color scheme. The rest will all fall into place easily. The key is to plan early to have everything you need before Christmas.

If all the basics are in place ahead of time, then you’ll be able to easily select new pieces to add to your theme when they jump out at you while shopping for Christma gifts. You will know the minute you spot a piece, exactly where and how to fit it into your tablescape and home décor.

Candles are one of the most basic necessary elements of the table and the more candlelight the better. Once set-up, nothing will give off more warmth and sparkle than a gold tablescape surrounded by the warm glow of candlelight. The sparkle that comes from the golden glitter of the décor reflecting the light is pure magic at Christmas.

Remember to decorate the area surrounding the dining room to coordinate with the gold tablescape. Take the cherished gold items you already have at home and group them together in vignettes on shelves, bookcases, hutches, and sideboards along with the seasonal decorations. Tuck in sprigs of fresh winter greens to accent the gold pieces you have chosen to display. Remember the decorator’s rule of using uneven numbers (3 or 5) to give the display balance and eye appeal.

I have chosen several beautiful tablescapes created brilliantly using gold themes which I hope will inspire you to re-create your own gold Christmas tablescape at home. I offer suggestions to change or improve the original idea by incorporating gold accessories with new ideas. Remember, you can substitute any piece you may already have to give a less stressful, decorating option.

Furthermore, I am also including dinnerware suggestions to really make your gold tablescapes pop and make your guest feel as special as they are.

Keep in mind there are only three really important things to remember when searching for Gold Tablescape décor for the Christmas holidays.

Relax, Have Fun and Keep It Frosty!

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