A Formal Table Setting

How to Set a Formal Table


How to Set a Fomal Table

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Setting a formal table setting with beautiful objects for an eye appealing tablescape is one thing, but if you don’t know how to set a formal table correctly the whole effort will have been wasted. It is imperative to not only set a fabulous Christmas tablescape for your guest to feast their eyes on, but it must be set correctly for true elegance and function. By learning thes correct way to set a table , the utensils will then make since with the dishes which have been layered on the table.

You see, the layering of dishes isn’t only for beauty, but for funtion too.  For example, if soup is the first course, then the soup bowl will be placed on the top of the stack of dishes; on the service or salad plate.  Thus the first utensil used (selecting from the outer most spoon then moving inwards towards the plate) is the soup spoon. This tablesetting photo doesn’t show it, but there should actually be two spoons. The soup spoon on the outside, moving inward to a regular spoon then the knives.

Using common sense, if fish or crustaceans are not going to be part of the main course then the fish fork and fish knife should be omitted from the table setting. If dessert is going to be served then a dessert fork and a dessert spoon should be added to the setting. Since dessert and coffee are usually the last course, they would be placed closest to the plates or horizontally above the dinner plate.  Often the hostest will prefer to bring the dessert utensils out with the dessert on a dessert plate

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