By the Sea Coastal Tablescapes for Christmas

By the Sea Coastal Tablescapes for Christmas

Creating a coastal tablescape for Christmas are one of the easiest, most carefree Christmas designs to entertain with during the holidays.

Not everyone is buried in the snow at Christmas, and I for one try to escape snowy New York every winter destined to warmer climates for the holidays.

When I first left Hawaii to come to the mainland, snow was a new fun adventure. I am over it now. I love a beautiful white Christmas morning and then I’m done. I no longer like being cold. I hate having to put on 10 tons of clothing just to check the mail and slipping and falling on the ice is no longer a contact sport I wish to participate in.

So, once the first frost sets in I am gone to somewhere snow is something one only reads about. I throw my laptop in a bag with a swimsuit, t-shirts, shorts, a pair of flip-flops and a floppy hat on my head and off I go into the wild blue yonder.

Decorating a coastal tablescape for guest at Christmas is one of the easiest things to do. The different hues of color found in the sand, sea, and sky are easy to coordinate and the natural elements found in coastal areas make wonderful table accessories. Add in silver, crystal, and china to the mix for an eclectic, casual elegance all your guests will enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to add in Christmas colors, greenery and ornaments into the mix for a festive Christmas flair like Mary, from did in this photo.

Would you like to try something different this Christmas? You don’t have to live on the beach to turn your home into a coastal theme this Christmas. Seashells and weather worn nautical pieces can be turned into holiday fare no matter where you might live.

Instead of creating seasonal arrangements that have to be watered, create a coastal tablescape with dustings of sand, table top Christmas trees made of seashells surrounded by garlands of seashells, fish netting, and burlap ribbon.

Start with a long wide basket and fill with a mixture of glass and cork fishing floats, large trumpet and conch seashells and sprigs of local greenery and grasses arranged artfully down the center of the table. Fill in with sea stars, sand dollars, and sea urchins.

Add magic to the table with lots of candles from tall pillar candles, to tapers, down to small votives, and tea light candles.

We will be looking at several coastal tablescape ideas for Christmas inspiration and I will help you to recreate them in your own home with products I have found online.

Keep in mind there are only three things to remember when hunting for Coastal Christmas tablescape ideas…..

Keep Calm, Have Fun, and Pretend You’re at the Beach!

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